Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exchange Server 07] Q&A

James asks:
We currently have 4 mailbox groups with 1 store in each. Is there any
performance hit in using more than 1 store in each group? We have 2
groups that are over 100gig each and I would like to break them down
I was told that using multiple stores in each group is not supported
but I could not find anything that stated that.


Probably not.

Adrian asks:
Not sure if anyone can help here. I seem to be getting a specific
error on what would seem to be spam messages that are to/from legit
addresses on our domain, but are coming from outside and we do have an
SPF record. Looking at other messages, SPF checking seems to be
flowing OK. The error is:

Received-SPF: TempError (mail.domain.com: error in processing during
lookup of example@domain.com: DNS timeout)

I just did an NSlookup against our DNS server and it returned the SPF

FYI, i only stamp the message even if it fails as far as SPF processing
goes. I am wondering if now is the time to reject messages, but I am
not sure if that will cure this problem.


check back tomorrow....

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