Saturday, January 31, 2009

Exchange Server 07 -- Mailing Lists

A reader asks...
Does anyone know of any third party extention to Exchange 2007 for
mailing list features.
i.e reply to list, interchangable subject line.

Here are some I know about.

Build your own:

Exchange-based products: (More than just a list server)

Non-Exchange-based but worthy of consideration:

Programming MS Exchange Server: Achieve Enterprise-Wide Document Management

Early in January Notre Dame was moved from Sendmail to Exchange
2007-about 13K accounts.
They used Transcend Migrator to do it. The app did an imap copy and
overall it worked well. Transcend Migrator provided them with some custom DLL's to do
auth-ext. They had about a %1 failure rate on the mailboxes.
Yale recently did the same thing but the staff there wrote their own
java based app to move the data and used Transcend to migrate desktop
mail files.
Miami University also recently moved all accounts from imap to
exchange and developed there own framework to do it.
I'm not too familiar with sunmail but if you use imap you have about 4
choices- MS provides a imap copy utility, Transcend's application, one
or two opensource packages, or roll your own.

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